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St. Raphael Mission Statement

Our mission as a people of God is to affirm and love, to forgive and accept forgiveness, to listen, prayerfully discern and speak out.   We are called to comfort, to challenge,
to participate, to welcome, to evangelize, to teach and to heal.  The Spirit empowers 
us to continue this commitment to the St. Raphael Faith Community and to the world.


St. Raphael Vision Statement

We, the Catholic community of St. Raphael, are a people being transformed into Christ.

A community gathered - a worshipping people called by God...formed by Scripture...Sacrament and Tradition...renewed by the Spirit,,,united in faith   We journey together

A community broken - a compassionate people thirsting for justice...aching for peace...receiving and giving forgiveness...bringing hope to the hopeless  We struggle for wholeness

A community blest - a gifted people...honoring differences...respecting the dignity of all...learning and teaching...developing leaders   We grow in grace

A community given - a generous people...welcoming all...offering our treasures...leading with shared wisdom...responding in love   We embrace Christ's mission to transform the world