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The Faith Community of St. Raphael is alive with Christ, a community rooted in faith, celebrating a Liturgy of Life. We are prayerfully responsive to the Spirit of the Living Gospel, focused on discipleship brought to life with prayer, celebrating the Sunday Eucharist, and by serving others.  We live each day in gratitude for all the blessings that God has given to us.


We believe that living as disciples is rewarding. Making time in a busy life for prayer, study, worship, service and friendship fills our lives with the presence of God. The same approach to a balanced life teaches us to share our gifts and guides our work.   

There are opportunities in this parish at every level of involvement. You may attend a class or program, share your talents with the parish from time to time, work on an ongoing scheduled basis, or take on a parish leadership role.  

You are valued in the life of this parish

There are many ways to get involved at St. Raphael Parish.    The Ministry Index is a great resource;  it provides a complete listing of all ministries at St. Raphael.  If you have a special gift or talent you would like to share,  contact Marian Johnston at 630 615 7605.