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Parish Policy on Mass Announcements

All announcements must be emailed to the Staff member responsible by noon on Thursday to have them incorporated in the weekend’s liturgy.  If they come in after noon on Thursday, they will not be announced.  As a reminder, all announcements should be one short sentence.  Please do not include "please see today’s bulletin for more information" in your announcement.  Please remember, as Shakespeare would tell us, "brevity is the soul of wit."

In your announcement, you may wish to include:

·        What is the event?
·        Who is it for?
·        When and where will the event take place?
·        When is the deadline to sign up?  (optional)

Training for new Lectors will take place on Friday, September 26 at 7:30pm; please call Jennifer by Thursday of that week if you will be attending.

Please visit the Fair Trade crafts display in the Parish Center today during Donut Sunday and support craftspeople in developing nations.

The purpose of the Sacred Liturgy is to worship God and be nourished in the Holy Eucharist. The rubrics provide that brief announcements may be made after the prayer after Communion. Therefore, it is this parish's policy to provide for announcements to be made at that time, but also to take care that those announcements are both relevant and, as the rubrics instruct, brief. This policy will govern the making of announcements from this date forward, and exceptions will not be made.

I. General Announcements

General announcements are made before mass by the commentator. The commentator makes the announcements as given without any additional improvisation.

General announcements are limited generally to twice per event. The week prior to the event, an announcement of an explanatory nature (the event is coming up) may be made. On the week of the event, an announcement indicating that action is currently required with regard to the event (i.e., register now, buy your ticket now, etc.) may be made.

Announcements should be kept to one or two short sentences, (recommend 25 word count) and given to the Parish staff member corresponding to the group. They are then forwarded to the Liturgy Director. They must be submitted no later than noon on the Thursday of the week prior to the announcement. Announcements submitted later will not be accepted. If the announcement is too long, it will be revised and returned to the author for approval. The approval for the revised announcement must be returned to the Liturgy Office no later than the end of the day on the Thursday of the week prior to the announcement.

If the announcement corresponds to a need for which the parish has a pastoral responsibility (e.g., a need for catechists), the parish staff may elect to announce this more often or may elect to have a more personal appeal by the celebrant. This policy, however, is not meant to become the only means of recruitment for these pastoral needs.

If a group is selling or distributing items or conducting sign-ups in the welcome center, they still may only announce the event twice, as mentioned in policy number 2, above.

The use of the welcome center must be scheduled with the parish business office and is subject to availability. Under no circumstances can sign-up, selling or distribution activities take place in the narthex. The only authorized exceptions to this are Souper Bowl Sunday, Tootsie Roll Drive , Wings marketing, and the distribution of seasonal prayer cards.